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Why do we have mirrors?
We were together, It was beeauatufil to me but he didnt feel the same way.. i kept going back and now it is March 24, 2012 and i have nothing more to say. Unless hes willing to give back feedback and so some effort dont return. Lessons learned: Listen Carefully to wat other people tell you Stop being so stubborn even though you may love someone tasha you cant make them love you back. Dont Cheat..Even if it prior to being official if you want to be with someone new take the risk and go after you miss opportunities trying to look into the past. You dont need to have someone to be happy not that you ever thought that.. If someone makes you happy you dont got to tell them right away it only gives them power If youre giving and you get nothing in return leave If hes to cool leave We tried and it will probably be a long time before you ever get over this guy because youre crying writing this but if he was ever yours he'll come back.. and if he doesnt be thankful for the times you guys could be kids together..spend hours talking, the roadtrips the bahamas and most of all the fact that you both care about each other.. hes a great friend and very honest dont let resentment stand in the way of a true meaningful friendship.. you just need time to heal whenever anyone is hurt .. they need time heal your not wrong for that. Lastly balance love and friends.. dont forget your roots.. and get out of your comfort zone..Find more friends your lame you need some.

Tags: #loser

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