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Ok cool story bro.. ( I didnt write this but.. )
ok... cool story bro... can you stop sending me this annoying shit... thats why your getting no where cause u want a fiend your had a friend your friend asked you to stop sending this shit it keeps coming you lost a friend... and now this guy doesnt care about your problems because if i do care it just leads to you complaing or getting even more annoying or trying to get there to be an us.. but that not a possibilty and you move farther and farther everyday... i wish i never gave you this email address... i am truely sorry your parents are sick i hope they get well especially you dad i really like the guy. n you should stop trying the is no point in response to your text. n y are you complaining to me you have no friends like its my fault thats on you. you have no friends.. i personally have to many take some of mine. im not your demise you are... things are so bad because you make them this way you are annoying and complaining or dead silent... n who have you befriended that i want... any one you had be friended that i wanted you are no longer friends with and i have no ties to you so i have nothing stopping me from pursuing them then them and my self... but the problem isnt because of anyone but YOU and YOUR ANNOYANCE AND THIS SHIT YOU KEEP SENDING ME IVE BEEN TRYING TO END THiS CONVO SINCE IT STARTED IM TIRED OF TALKING TO YOU AND HEARING ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS MY LIFE IS GOOD .... THEN HERE COMES TASHA TO RAIN ON MY PARADE

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