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Have you ever wanted someone so bad.. You sat alone in the dark and queitly typed to them you greatest desires You sang them sweet melodies throughout your day hoping your soft vibration would some how connect with them Have you ever loved someone You seperated yourself from everything they ever wanted Not that the person should choose what they truly wanted but so they can find a proper place to put you Have you ever needed someone so bad Your very soul cries out there name You body chills at fond memories And your heart physically feels like it beating out your chest Have you ever carried a weight like love and never expressed it because you didnt want to lose a friend...... Ive always loved writing.. Not as much as ive came to love the person you are But on days where theres no interaction between you and i I think of you even in the things i love So im writing to you Im writing to you because i long for you I long for my dearest friend I long for my one true friend I long for someone I trust I long for my real friend Actions have seperated us Words have hurt us But have the hearts of man and woman truly parted Is there still a place to turn in me or in you for us

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