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I feel like a black-hole
I dont know, right now. I hope everything gets better.. No one sees my potential.. They destroy what they see or steal what they cant create.. Inevitably my cores.being shaken. Hearts dont break even at the expense of risk taking. But its the price i pay for allowing the world to see me as weak.for so long. I carry a 4 yrs old picture and a senior picture of me.. I feel destroyed u see, thus illuminating suicidal tendencies... I would sleep forever replaying my fondest memories.. I didnt live long only completely with you ..exhilarating you took me so high with an amazing view.. the would keep flowing like ocean waves ..our energy a sweet flame fiery, blue. You put her on a throne ..does she deserve that? Back in my shell i resude in hell.. Words of a fool "you should be my brother, sex ruins everything, i dont know what to do i think she just likes you.. Instinctively i knew. Its brocasted all on tv, i guess i never really watched tv.

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