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48 The Architectural Race (Race Point)
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Its Strategic The Info Structure Of The Conducted Constructer I Find." "This Is My Inside, What Takes Me Beyond By, Like Ace Card Flung Just To Know Why." "This Is Where The Other Deck House Is Found Making A Combining Movement From Town To Town, One Built Another With Out Crashing Down." "Pressing On Pressing Through Just To Bite Of And Chew What Grew, What Not I Knew." "Its Like A Wager Of War Slicing Your Point, This Though Instead A Racer At Your Door Who Breaks For More." Its A System Of Movement Coming Back Around, Redemption To Its Max Only To Continue To Be Found, Followed Up By A Deliverance From Faulty Ground. "Alien Constructive Autopsy, Like The Delorian Were Back From The Future, Arcs On Time, Flux Capacitors And A Brand New Building To Find." "Look What I Foundation, A Demonstration Of Erectile Function, Architectural Kingdom, Buildings For The Munching." "Craftiness, Swing N A Miss, Combine Nature To Race Just To Build This." Its Not A War Its A Race, Next Design In The Mind On A High Speed Chase. "A Grown Up Lego Land Yet Still Acting Like A Child, Sim City Click And No Denial As A Sharp Dressed Man In Trained For The Next Mile." (When One Combines From Another You Get Combinations, A Architectural Race Point Of Structure Design.) CombineME A Minimal Expertise...... Proverbial: "The Racer And Warrior Are Of The Same Mind, To Win."

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