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47 Fortified (Architectural Warfare)
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"When Baking They Add Powder, When Kings Sit Down For Battle Their Drunk In Power. " "This Bread Though Their Served Is The Taste Of Endless Possibilities, Cost Of Enemies Abilities. "A Crack Glow Stick In The Night To Glow, Only To Be Given What Is A Sweet Light Show, Just As A Torch To Scorch Amongst The Porch Of The Sword Smith." Fire Ball Blast Right Past The Last Design, This Is When I Choose Not To Feel The Stains At One Time Left Behind, Fast Fully I've Taken My Time To Correct You In Mind. "Bravery The Heart Beat Of The King In The King Seat As The Maiden Washes The Kings Feet, While The Jester Dances Around." "Such A Divisive Plot As A Fiery King Ought And The Catapult Is Shot, Warhorses Gallup And Archers Take Aim In A Cost To Win In This Arch-Minded Thought Game." "See We Move On Sheer Instinct, These Are Our Clothes, Every Action From Our Head To Our Toes, A Smell Of Warfare Where Victory Shows." Flying Through Heart Beats As The Enemy Tries The Enemy Sneaks, Victory Leaks On The Words Of The Meeks From Liquid Taste Buds And A Mouth That Speaks. "Checkmate, Piece Of Cake, No Pin Shake Or Pencil Crack, Just A Tightly Sharpen Tip To Send My Counter Act, This How A Architectural King Fires Back." "Shaken The Seat Of A Vicious Enemy, Such A Edify Would Leave You To Take A Knee, Or Two, Not Knowing What To Do After I Have Out Structured You." "Omni Full Off Control, This Is Architectural Warfare, When Kings Sit Down For Battle, Full Of Power And Timeless Possibilities." (The Drawing Board Belongs To King Whom Is A Ruler Among The Ages.) Proverbial: "The Tower Is Yours But Hold Your Fort."

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