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1 Her Cry She Un Owns
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Heaven In His Eye's, Heaven Multiplies, He Is Crowned Before God As Man As His Woman In Selfless Wisdom's She Will Understand Passing Through Like A Town To The Designers Hand." "Paradise Lovely, Home Full Ness Yet Less, The Leadership And Gift, Choice At Best." "Oh Woman In Your Cry The Secretes In Your Eye, Bound To Your Man, The One You Cannot Deny." "When She Cry's Aloud She Let's Go, Go Of What We've Never Known, Just To Pass By Replacing What's Been Shown." "The Heavenly Height's Hidden From Deep Inside When Paradise And Creation Collide, As Man Is No Longer A Lie, Love Just Passing By And Around, Around In This Town Of Para Die." (The Beautful Spheres Of The Selfless Minds Inhabiting Priceless Wisdoms)

Tags: Heavenly

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