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2 Pulpit Of A New Heavens"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Is This World Your Congregation So Torn Down From Frustration (Let It Go), How Could You Reveal Such A Revelation?" "Probably Why You Call It Earth, The Ear Of Ear's Pressing Up Against Each Other Wanting To Be Heard. "You Walk Outside And There Is Your Church With Its Church's In It, You Walk In, Same, Plus More With First, Elevate The Dead To Serve Them Like Their Hearse." "So Many Form's Of Life With People To Involve, Need's To Big, To Small, Wherever They Are No Elimination From Their Call, As The Water Fall's Fall, The Bird's Chirp, Citizen's Do To Your Word, You Stay True Pointing Your Finger Commanding The Skies." "The Pages Of Your Book Turn Like The Rotating Earth Waiting And Act To See The Gift Give Birth." "You Stir Up All You Could Ever Want Some How Giving, As The Women Of Wisdom Flaunt In The Bird Full Speeches That Shape The Skies Hidden In The Preachers Eyes." "Erase That Scratch It Out, Build It Up With Out A Doubt For The Giant Ball You Stand On Is Knocking Them Around Like Church Bell's Found On A Tower For It Is More Than The Hour Of Power Or Higher Than A Eiffel Tower, Leaves A Reaction More Than A Sour." "Stand, Stand Before The Earth And All That Is In It, Watch Heavens Rise As You Open Your Eyes Being Mesmerized." "The Unknown Is Calling, Majesty Falling From A Realm Beyond, Where The Spirit Sings Aloud Flying Through The Puffed Of A White Cloud." "Oh Pulpit Over The Earth Mounted In The Heavens, No Lucky Seven's This Time To Let You Down Just The Gamble Less Soul 20,000 Feet From The Ground With No Deal To Be Found, Just Freedom Before Heavens Sound And All That Lye's In Her Eyes With A Giant Sanctuary Surprise, Streets Of Gold, Voices Of Bold, Pleasing Stories Told, Oh Awaken, Your Sold." Proverbial: "Don't Be Ashamed Of The Church Your Maker Has Given, There Will Always Be Another To Make It One, One More Of What It Has Become." "Preaching Is Powerful Word Put Forth." "Skillful Story Telling Belongs To The Preacher, The Book Of Realities." "Through Power The Preacher Speak Existence, Thus Under God." "The Radical Preacher Erects The Will Of His Radical God." "A Preachers Identity Is Magnificent Of Look, Underneath The Maker, Where Anointing And Light Is Running." "In Church The Preacher Judges With Escape, Yet Passage." "Sharp Are The Words Of The Preacher, The Tongue Skilled To Pierce." "Oh How Beautiful Are The Feet Of The Preacher Who Brings Good Tithing, Who's Foundation Is The Word Of God, Who's Anointing Leads." "Strong Conviction Is A Array For The Wrong, Unsettled Darkness Is Not Hidden." "If You Can Preach Charismatically You Have Reach Magnetically And Attributed God." "Eternal Word Of Choice With Powerful Understanding Voids The Outer World." "Enjoy Your Gift With Him, For He Possesses It All."

Tags: Ruling

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