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3 Medicate The Deceased
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Rise Above The Beast, Don't Medicate The Deceased, Let Us Go Home Where Heaven Has No Lease, No Rent Pay, But Yes Job And Income Okay, No Wait Not That Way, Okay Fine What Ever You Say But Only If That Is What You Call Heaven, Perhaps Its Just A Seven Eleven, A Place Where You With Held Your Roll Of A Lucky Seven, Drawing Back Your Hand To Reach To A Inclination Of Reverence, The Forceful Empire Breached Within, Just Take Her For A Spin For Whatever It Is, It Belongs To The Dead, The Deceased Ones, The Feast Ones And At Eased Ones, Those Whom Break Bread, The Ones Whom Rise Again, Whom You Call Friend, I'm Asking You, What Is Your Heaven, What Is Your Heaven?" Proverbial: "My Coffin Is Designed In Soft Elements And Comforting Comforts. Colors And Excellence Its Display And The Clothes My Carcass Wears Matching, But This Is Because I've Died And Gone To Heaven."

Tags: Afterlife

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