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4 Charismatic Character
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Charisma Can, Make You Move Why You Stand, Charisma Will, Movement Yet Still." "Dream Of A Dream And It Is Still Found, Charismatic Character You Are Bound." "Such Magnetic Movement And Drawling Behavior Like That Of Leader Or A Humanity Savior." "Such Colorful Connections, Vibrant And Pure, Jazzy Ablaze Yet Feeling Secure." "With Comfort Gay Alike, Fuzzy And Bright, Charismatic Renewal With Revival Is All Alright." "Such Attraction Without Distraction, Such Interaction Impaction On The Soul, Mind And Spirit That Endeared It, Cleared It To Not Fear It But Receive It And Weird It." "For It Flows And Shows What The Average Or Normal Human Not Knows, Only Those Who Dare To Share In It Can Spare In It The Average World." "Its A People Chosen While Yet Some How All Are Welcomed, Profoundly And Soundly." "Charismatic People, Character Defined, Free Flowing Movement All The Time, In This Spirit Charisma You Will Find." Proverbial: "The Mother Knows Of Good Dress For Her Son, When He Is A Man His Choice Garments Will Not Be Forgotten."

Tags: Alive

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