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5 Wasteful Roses
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Oh Rose When I Leave You, I Die With You." "My Heart Is Sick And Confused From The Way I Have Been Used, Unworthy While Yet I Still Lose, Battered And Bruised By The Judgment I Choose." "You Lovely People I Don't Give You A Chance, A Moment Of Truth At Every Glance, Open The Gates Of Heaven So In Kindness We Dance." "I Say Its Not Better To Be Deceived But To Believe, What You Know Is What You Achieve Then Let It Be." "You May Say It's Wrong But Her And I Got Along, Just Fine, Why Prove And Waste Time, Guess Everyone Has A Different Story In Their Own Mind, Eyeball And Mouth To Call Out What They Know, A Place To Grow, A Place To Show, I Will Shut That Down Though And Die, Rest Among The Lillie's After This Big Cry." "Im Sorry I Know Not How To Love Yet After The Other Part Of Me I Just Met. The Two And Two Go To Hand, But You Still Need To Understand I Am Simply A Sorrowful Man, It Is Your Love Reflecting God That Will Let Me Know I Can." "You People Who Do Your Job, Lovely Is Where My Heart Got Robbed, Through Thick And Thin, Beginning And End I Will Remember What I Had Seen With In." "You Go Here And There As You Dare, Say This And That As You Act, Keeping Me Intact, So I Will Speak Back And Give You My Matter A Fact, Truth And How I Feel, After All My Heart Has Be Sealed, With Approval, Seal To Keep Real, Sometimes, Some Minds." "So If I Die Or If I Live, Take Me As I Am, Without, I Will Not Be Your Man Together With All Of Us In Gods Hand, You Are Lovely Even When I Don't Understand." "She Stood There With Pedals Leaving Her Hand As In The Wind She Chose To Stand, Given Away What She Didn't Meet That Day." Proverbial: "By Doing Your Job, Performance Is Produced, Ministry Works And There Is Rest." "If You Have Thought Judge Fully Perfect, Than You Have Thought Of The Messiah."

Tags: Friendship

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