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6 The Ugh & Err Routine
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"The Ugh & Err Routine," Late Night Alone, Not Really, Late Night, Grown, Late Night, Not Really Its Been Shown, Fright, Late Night Alone, Someone Throw Me A Freaking Bone, Really, I Better Change My Tone To My Thought Life Because It Nags And Moans." "Fall Into Me, The Scream, It Declared To Be Everything The Exact Opposite Of The Same Routine, Who? Me." "When I'm A Man That's Perfect Or Lets Just Say At All Costs So Daddies Love Doesn't Suffer Loss. That That Way Where Were Against, We Win, And Where Were For, We Win, Kinda Like Jesus And Sin. If I Have It, I'm Loved And If I Have Him, I'm Loved, That's Why We Call It Love, Oh Mr. Unconditional Love, The Father Above." "So If Its The Same Routine, Let It Come From Above, Full Of Love, Let It Be In Me So I May Be Privileged To Be Clothed In The Me Routine, If It's Just Love. Can I Be Love? If I Can, Can The Letter D Feel Obligated To Stay Next To Me, Because Than I Will Not be Be In This Misery Of The Same Routine That I Find Obscene." "Late Night Alone Not Really, But Really, Late Night Alone, Maybe, I Caught The Wrong Bone. You Once Knew The Right Answers, Maybe Its Just Been Shown, Late Night, Fright, Ugh And Err, Fully Grown, Honey, I'm Home, My Better Half Is Now Known." Proverbial: "There Is A Lullaby Of Me's Found In The Words Of God."

Tags: Innocence

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