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"Sometimes I Feel The Friction And I Want To Go Back To Drug Addiction, I Don't Understand Trying To Salvage The Little Joy I Can. Its Like I Get Away Just To Get Caught Facing The Hate And Loveless ness I Just Got." "Sometimes I Don't Want To Hear A Thing, Their So Right I'm Wrong For That, Still Leaving The Void One May Bring. Its Mad At The World Or The World Mad At Me Sometimes Without Focusing On The Unseen, I Guess It's Better If I Let It Be." "Sometimes I Want To Get Out To You What I Feel But Its So Hot It Burns My Words For Real, So It Seem's." "Sometimes I Get So Tired Of Dealing With Man While Struggling With Scripture, Occultism And What I Would Rather Understand. They Don't Give Me A Hand Instead They Draw Back That At Their Own Personal Gain And The Moment Of Joy It Will Bring While Me Without." "Sometimes I See It For What It Is And Wanna Look Away, Put My Trust In Someone Just To Be Disappointed Another Day, They Take Each Word Away, Tell Me Im Wrong And I Should Burn This Way, Only Because I Failed To Do What They Had To Say." "I Know The Ones Love And It Cant Be Replaced, Have Shakes Or Un Embraced." "Sometimes I See That At, And In The Ministry, Christianity Separated Me, That After It All You Start At Rock Bottom And After It All, You Start At Rock Bottom, Learning To Be Fine With It." "I Know I'm Missing Something, I Will Find It And In My Action Never Undermine It, What It Is Will Bring Joy, Fill My Heart With Hope As Im Very Able To Cope... Lights Burst Forth From My Soul, The Way And Control." "Sometimes Things Like These Happen, Calmness, Breeze At Ease, My Hopes And Dreams At Hand While The Other I Just Failed To Understand, From Condemnation To I Can, Beat Up, Lied To, Knocked Around To Lovely Man, Secured And Structured Not Disasters In Sinking Sand." "All That I Could Ever Ask For Is Never Sometimes..." Proverbial: "The Man Of War Has Master Defeating Himself." "Relentless Ways Are Like Crashing Waves, Shaping A Body." "Your Anointing Runs With Oil Leaving You With Out Uncertainty, Like A Well Oiled Lamp Of The Soul." Fhotoroom- member quote: (No Crack In A Fortress May Be Considered To Small.)

Tags: War

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