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11 I Call Her The Two Dollar No More
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"I Call Her The Two Dollar No More, Why? Because What I Had Seen, Make's Me Want To Believe She's Not A Two Dollar Whore." "Like A Sparrow, Scared And Confused She Seem's Because Of Her Lead. I Can Hear The Spies And Evil's, It's Strange Though, Because It Coming From Those I've Found Under Steeples." "Its So Dark And Black Here As I Felt Compassion As The Cops In Action Are Just Doing Their Job, I Felt Guilty To, Like I Was To Be Caught, Temptation Against Whatever Little Love I Got, Man She Was Amazing, The Gutter Mind Thought After I Was Done, But The Little Love Thought The Same. This Poor Woman And I Didn't Accompany To Much All The Same, Or Did We?" "Acceptance In Christ, Demons Tempting, Judgmental Thoughts, Damnation Its All The Same But The Truth, The Truth Is The One To Blame. What Is He Up To And Why Is, What Is This?" "Were Given A Power To Lead A Wife Not Trick Or Whore Her About, Or Are We, That's Just Very Bad Intention?" "Here I Got This Its Not Godly, God I Wish I Could Pick Her, And I Mean "Pick Her Up" So The Cop's Cant Catch Up, Hmm Not Ever Find Us, Search Or Care To Notice, Because There's No Crime, Rhyme, It's Not The Point, Perhap's The Eyeball, Sparrow, Will Spare The Cry Of A Demon's Arrow So The Streets Are Not Our Homes, Pimp's Our Master's And Dirty Garment's Our Lives Disaster's." "Where Is Love It Looks Like She Cries As The Fellow With The Same Thought Has His Drive By's." "I Wish Her Away To What She Call's Better Thing's, Better Other's, Whiter Feather's, Fewer And Safer Lover's." "If I Was Honored To Be Called Prophet Instead Of Profit, I Would Delight In What I Had To See Even Though There Wasn't Much Good Inside Of Me. If I Didn't Sound Like A Fool Before Those Who Believe Themselves To Be Right, I Would Go And Pick Her Up Tonight, Because Two More Would Be Better Than Whore, But There Sin Tempts Me, There No Better, We Still Altogether Feel The Multiplying Weight's Of The Black Feather." "Were All Sinner's Needing Love, What We Get Has To Come From Above So Don't Sell Out, Give In Or Give No One A Love To Reach To, Ahh That's It To Wrongs Don't Make A Right, Stand Up And Fight, If I'm Questioned Find Someone Else To Love Her Tonight, Just Remember Too, Because I Feel The Same, Ashamed, I'll Turn Away From You, Because Its Easier." "If You Know How To Love Me Than Your From God Because God Is To Gentle To Shove Me, Seeing Beauty In The Ugliest Even Through, To See Me And You, "Right" Sparrow In The Night, Protector, All The Same...." "Woman I Don't Know You, But I Hate Myself Right Now, My Life Because Of This I Cannot Show No Love To My Wife Accept This Wish, Be Blessed Tonight When You Lay In Bed, Remember The Little Girl That Once Fed On The Fruits Of Youth And If You Need Someone To Believe In A Better But Still At Fault Remember Im Some Dude Who Decided To Halt, Acknowledge You With A Funny Feeling In My Heart, Hoping For Better Nights, Full Legal Love Or At Least "Free", Sense We Mess Up." "Here Is My Wish Turned Into A Prayer, So One Give It A Stare, As For Me, Hope One Will Stare Back And Make Me No More." (The Pimp Daddy Preacher)

Tags: Loving

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