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12 Fix Me So I'm Unforgettable
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
""Fix Me" So Im Unforgettable." "People Throw Thing's Out When They Get Old Or When They Break To Much, Their More Of A Worth Of Being Replaced By Something Newer Or Better Than Repaired." "There Is One Though Who Will Never Replace You, One Who Would Renew You And Even Allow You To Change (This Is My Favorite, This One Accepts You As You Are Even If As You Are Is You Wanting To Change, With Help Held Out)." "This One Will Fix You If Your Broke And Be For You If You Choose." "This One Doesn't Come To Those Who Cannot Afford Or Only With The Benefit, All Have The Benefit, All Have Fallen Short For That Is Their Benefit, Leaving All The Same And In The Same Position So Don't Listen To Limitation And Silly Questions When They Try To Block You From This One, Or If They, Because This One Is For You." "If You Are Rich You Will Know The Way And The Poor, The Same Also, Sinners..." Proverbial: "Hold Tight Your Reception By Strengthening Thought, There Is Power In It And One Day You Might Want To Reflect." "You Have To Answer Sooner Or Later Or You'll Be Alone With No-One."

Tags: Intimacy

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