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16 Rebecca Alone Pleasant When Shown
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"She Gazes In Determination, Strength And Character Her Friend While The Street Earns The Name Blessed, All This Somehow Still Belonging To All." "When She Walk's Beauty Is Defined, Pleasant All The Time, Such Humility, Quietness And Innocence At Fine, I Wish She Was Mine." "She Belong's To A Higher Power A Stronger Hour That I Must Submit To, How Else Would She Have Best, A Warm Heart Beating, Amongst The Towers Of Her Chest, Expressing The Love And Goodness One Finds In The Place Of Innocent Mind's Or Mind." "A Pleasant Contact Put In With Not Much Contact, Enough, Not Enough, I Wish, Yet, To Meet Her, But She Is A Woman Indeed And I Am Only A Man Like A Delicate Painting Before A Jittery Brush In A Jittery Nervous Hand." "I Am Scared I'll Fail Shaking Before A Maker Asking If I May Take Her." "Birds Sing Her Song Without Interruption Of Feed, When The Quietness Comes So Shall She." "How Can Your Call Her Homeless When She Is So At Home In Your Heart, Heart Of A Fathers Art, One, Evil Thoughts Shunned." "Like A Character From The Bible She Hint's Of Heaven In A Man's Patience With Himself, Richness When Feeling Poor, Beauty Covering Sore." "That, That Is Love, One Found In Thick And Thin, Found When Streets Or Shelters Become Your Friend And Perhaps When A Rich Man Lets You In, But You See Its Just Homelessness Not A Sin." "I May Be Speaking To Much But I Was Moved And Hope To Be A More, Lady You In My Eyes I Do Adore, You Bring Something I've Never Known Before." "Happiness Is What I Wish You Because I Know You Not, Only What My Eyes Have Seen And Where Fearlessness Is Brought, This All Amongst You And The Boy Friend You Got." "Like Children In A Place Of Unknown, Somewhere Else To Be Fully Yet Not Grown Wondering If Off The Street's Will Ever Be Our Home." "The Pro's Are Blinded From Those Above Only To Later Be Answered By A Deeper Love, What Do You Believe I Still Shout's Only Left By Uncertain Drought's, Rain Like Tear's Proving Faith, Removing Fear's, Old Friend's, Sermon Lives And Beer's With Bait's." "For Another Step Into The Kingdom I'm All Ear's, Another King's Seat As The Conscious Clear's And Toward Such A Diamond In The Rough The Eye Steers." "You See This Is A Mix Of What Is Something Beyond The Average Show Biz, Like A Pop Quiz Where Seeing The End Is When You Pass, Pride, Humility And Riding Such A Huge Ass.."

Tags: Beauty

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