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17 A Poets Projection Amongst Your Inspection
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"I Want My Poetry Interactively, Powerfully, Attractive And Felt, Coming Alive, Lovely To Make The Heart Melt." "I Want It To Write And Read Where It Will Actually Be But Not The Point Im Blinded From Neutrality And Nature." "I Have To Know It Was Created Like A Story, Just Like A Non Fictional Awareness That Has Not Yet Happen, But Will, I Had To Spill, That Side Of Me, But Undeniably You Spied On Thee....." Proverbial: "The Beauty Of Art Is Creation Amongst Its Creator." "A True Art Show Starts In The Inner Soul, The Spirit Creates Its Majesties Within." "Gain Your Eyes And Ears For Your Imaginations And Creations From Your Dreams, Be Empowered By Your Spirit To Bring Them To Life." "When Your Point On Your Artistry Is The Point On Your Life, Creation Begins." "If You Have The Eyes And Burn In The Passion, Everything Is A Art." "He Who Constructs His Vision Instructs The Instruments Of His Eyeballs, Secretes Are At Hand To Its Skilled Craftsman." "Follow Your Anointing And Have A Passion And Pursue."

Tags: Projectial

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