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18 Feeling Lucky Presence Of God
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"PRESENCE OF GOD, I Found A Place In My Heart I Would Really Want To Be, But Its Limited To The Things That Surround Me." "When I Think About It As Man My Sorrow Would Rather Say It Found Me, But When I Approach It Like A Son I Know Its Handed Down From The One." "The Joy Of That Is Like A Little Boy Before His Favorite Clown Or On A Carousel That Goes Round And Round, Still Though No One To Be Found." "Do Feelings Come At A Price, Does Love And Company Always Involve A Heist?" I Might Be, Be Loved Enough To Be Built Around, Feelings Springing From The Ground." "There Is Enough To Subdue Me, Just Looking For You, Love Is One But Better In Two, Ohh Just To Feel You." "When You Are Felt I Under Estimated, The Weirdness Would Have You Emancipated, Limitation, Aggravation, Frustration Just Fall Away From The One You Created To Love Me Anyway." "PRESENCE OF GOD I Feel You, And I, Have A Use To, Relax For What Is To Come, The Touch From A Loved One." "A Company That Surrounds As Hearts Has Pound's, Gift To Be Felt As One Is Felt, Passions Melt." "From Boy, To Son, Man And One, Another Lover To Cover Under The PRESENCE OF GOD, Just Give To Nod To The Things That Surround Me, There All I Have Been Waiting For." "Anything Is Possible..." Proverbial: "How Good It Is To Be Touched As The Feelings Of Love Speak To The Soul."

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