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20 Escape Therapy
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Your Whole Crown Is On Lockdown In Everything You Could Ever Want It To Be So Why, Why Would You Want To Be Set Free, Blinded Eyes To See?" "The Moment You Close Those Eyes You Begin To Dream And When You Open Them The Truth Is Seen, Your A Steady Act Waiting To Happen As The Moves You Don't Make Begin To Blacken." "Your Mind Has A Mind Of Its Own Drawling From What's Been Known, Unknown Yet Not To Be Shown, Like A Lesser Tone To Be Multiplied Giving It And You No Reason To Hide, Just Like The Inner Childs Lullaby Or Adults Fulfilled Alone Cry, Die Die Doubts Inside To My, My Own Sweet Bye And Bye." Proverbial: "Do You Strive For Perfection, Or Does Perfection Strive For You." "The Base Is Supportive To The Length, Do Not Set Limits On Them." "Do Not Imprison Yourself, From Prison, Leave Room For Freedom."

Tags: Freedom

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