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26 Father God How Could You, Jesus Why
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Victory In Found In Silence, WhCen You Speak All The More Just Add Power And Adore." "Oh What's In Store Next The Life Expect's And The Will Erect's As The Follower Inspect's." "Question, A Thought, The Soul Bought As A Child Is Brought, Brought Before, Before Everything That's In Store." "The Tear's Cry As The Child See's Falling To The Child's Knees." "Everything Around Found In Sound As The Heart Pound's, Victory Is Drowned From Above In Raging Waters As The Eyes Flood, Creation Out Of Mudd, Clay, Myrrh, Soul." "Help Me Help Me, The Cries As The Father Shutters His Eyes Opening The Gates Wide To Uncertain Sweet Bye And Byes Crying In Such Oh Why's." "Its All Coming Down, Coming Down On Me, Ohh I Can't Stand To Be, How Could The Father Do This Such A Thing To Me, With Jesus Just Standing Before Thee." "When It Fall's On Me So Tremendously I Cannot Deny That I Am That Child Inside To Find The Love That Came From Above, I Can't Deny Its Enough To Die For, I Can't Deny When I Ask The Father Why And Jesus How Could You, How Could You Love Me So Much To Give Me A Reason To Live, A Reason To Die, A Reason At Such, How Could You Love Me This Much, Make Me Ask Why As I Dry The Cry Of Love." "Joy And All Goodness Inside, Father How Could You, Oh Jesus Why?" Proverbial: "Christians Are, But What That That They Are, Are Of Christ, I An Another May Testify Of That." "Believe In Miracles, Some Day You Will Need Them."

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