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27 My Lovers Little Sin
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"My Lovers Little Sin," I Wonder Woman Do You Know Your Superman Or Is Your Faith Not At Hand." "Bravo Echo Charley Before World Peace So Sorry, Two Peas For The Pot Ouch That Marriage Got A Little To Hot, What Is It A New Pen With Writers Block, Little Sin The Lover's Unlocked, Like A Chipping Hammer To A Fossil Rock Or A Amputated Leg To Brand New Sock, Its My Lovers Little Sin Knock Knock, But Don't Let It In, That That Is My Lovers Little Sin. If You Let It In It Could Be The End Like A Forward Letter With No Ink To Send, No Comforting Reply To Mend." "Charlotte's Web Caught A Fly Round Trip But It Was Bad Spam To Eat As This Little Sin Left Her In Defeat Like The One In A Front Row Seat To Sneak At A Peaks Avalanche In 3D, But Felt To Much Of Effect Stumble Out In Regret, Or The Million Dollar Bet After You Been Ordained, Preacher What's That Name, Because You Better Scream It And I Mean It, Salvation From A Tiny Thought, Temptation Bought The Three Sevens For The Temporary Heavens." "How Much Grace Under Fire Can You Get As You War Shooting Each Other And More Or What About When You Slip On Banana Ten Split That Made You Miss The Record Score While All This That Little Sin To Adore." "My Lover Let I Go This Little Sin You Know And Play It Cool As A Fan Or Unused Contraband That The Pool Leased Found In My Apartment Today Paid, So I Could Play It Cool In A Dip Also, A Dip Like A Chip To Many To Go Un Eaten The Resemblance Of My Lovers Little Sin." Proverbial: "Sin Is There, But All The Well And Words Can't Explain The One Who Is Kept As A Sinner Loved While Knowing It." "The Hound Is Bound To The Sin Without Mystery, This Time, Mastered At Its Own Game." "Have A Good Redemption Planned So That You May Enjoy Sins Absolute Opposite."

Tags: Salvation

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