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28 Playing Games With God
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"The Former Things Have Passed Away Just As The Heat Of The Day Reached Its Night, All Around Me Love Is In Sight." "Player 1 In This Doom 2 And Gloom, Click Click Boom, Vroom Vroom I'm Out Of Here." "No Dungeon Can Hold Me Back, The Castle Mania Geek I Am In My Heart Whipping The Demon's From Their Money Kart Attack, Errr No Wait Its Suppose To Be Mario Kart." "Do You Think Jesus Got The Princess Or Is King Cooper Still A Pooper, Messing Up Our Game, Stealing Our Bride, Die Cooper Die." "Power Up As You Offer Your Cup To Your Favorite Soda That's What's Up, But Don't Be Surprised When Your Spirit Is The One On The Rise Leaving You Mesmerized Like Hot Fries In The Mouth Of A Hungry Man, God Do All That You Can To Make These Games Because The Title Of My Poetry Is Gonna Have To Be Rearrange After The Deranged Off Topic Rhyme I Seem To Find Time After Time." Proverbial: "Find A Spirit To Be Your Friend, Keep You Accompanied In Excellence That Your Soul May Be Entertained."

Tags: Enjoyable

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