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29 Still Nothing To Show
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Make Your Mark, Ignite The Spark In Your Eye And Yell The Cry." "The Stage Is Set You Humble Man But Don't Really Want To Be, The Props Are Yet You Sorrow Full Man Doing The Best You Can, But You Don't Really Want To Be, Be, To Understand The Hope And Possibility, Able ness That's Beset In Your Hand, Ahh You See They Do The Best They Can Telling You Their Arm, One Step Ahead They Profess But You See Loving Them Is What You Do Best, It's Enough Power To Never Put Your Heart Under Any Arrest." "Two Steps Ahead That They Are But It Is Their Best That Leaves Your Need Not Afar, Your Blessing, Asking, Even Want's, The Desire Choice And Blunts". "How Can You Say It Is Far Or Not Near Oh My Dear For Its Possible But I Have Made Myself Clear, Before You Steer Into Those Detestable Word's Of Doubt You Are Not, How Dare You, Did I Yet Not I Prepare You, For Every Battle Twist And Turn, Bite And Burn, Have You Not Learned That It Is I That You Have Earned, Your Every Need To Feed Yes Even Without Greed, So Don't Worry About The Empty Seed, The Will They Respond To Me Or Any Thing Else That's Of A Bad Tree." "Just Be, As You Love Your Enemy Intensely, Even If Its Your Self Or The Little Omen Inside You Would Rather Hide." "The Love You Show They Will Know, The Empty Seed, Die, Fullness Grow Why Because Not I But I Say Show, No Lack Of Self Control, A Elf Like David The Nome, But No, You Will, Just As They, No Cunning To Big To Come Your Way, No Charm Leaving You Alarmed Wondering Without Another Day Another No Lover In Armed Who Out Did Me That Way." "Where Did They Go, For You, You Ought To Know For I Have Given You The Go, Don't Try To Hide It And Just Show......" Proverbial: "When It Is Time You Will Make Your Mark And Nothing Will Hold You Back." "When You Have Found Your Hearts Stories, Read With Your Eyes And Hear With Your Ears, By Then You Have Found No Childlike Fears. Every Little Girls Fairytales Lies Within- Every Boys Bold Adventure, This Even In The Elder Years. Don't Be Afraid To Dream While Holding Loves Hand And Embracing The Power To Bring Them To Truth, Anything Is Possible While Holding Loves Hand."

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