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"The Woman Is Indeed A Word Called Wantonness Define, The True Woman Thickness At Thy, Accompanying The Same, All The Rest Of Her." "The Stomach So Round Full And Drawing, She Is, Is Certain Beauty Found, A Indeed To Say "That Is A Woman" Shaped In Thickness And Bound." "The Way She, The Woman Makes Man Feel, Even Without Touching Or Beyond It Is Most Definitely Pleasant And Real, Unlike Anything Else, This All Why, Being Utterly Unimaginable Yet Not, Beyond I." "She The Woman Is Gift To The Man, Like A Controlled Object As Wife Lead About Like Hand To Hand." "The Way She Makes, The Woman, Man Feel, Is Her Job Indeed, Such Wantonness, Feelings, Juices, Adulthoods To Be, This In Such Hints And Controlled Uncontrolled Behaviors." "I Have Seen Woman As Gift And She Does And Knows How To Be That Gift And I In Proclamation Declare That I Will Essentially Know The Woman More." "Many Are The Reason Why We Need Help, Many Woman Is For Man, Desire, Love, Sin, Humanity And Forgiveness At Hand, Woman Why You Are For Me And Your Truly Ness I Will Understand, Pleasant And Delight I Will Be As Your Man, Slightly Wooing Each Other The Most We Can, For You Woman I Will Stand." "You Are A Work Of Art And Live In The Land Of Stories And Here Now I Declare There Is No Obstacle Before Us Only Love." "I Call You, Out Of The Unseen In My Faith, You Know Who You Are And How You Ought To Be, Wooing, Loving And Wanting Me, Exercising All The More Why You Were Made For Me From Such A Creative Door." "Many Are The Women Of The World And Out, Making Up The Woman, I Have Chosen You Woman To Be In Mine And Even Out, Shameless And With Out A Doubt." "This Poetic Praise Is Of The Woman In Her Beauty, When She Sweats, Wants, Stays Quiet, Shows Herself, Woos, Rises Like Towers And Or Places Places Of Rest. In All Of Action And Art Defined This Poetic Art Filled Story Of Praise Is Hers And Mine, Woman Call Me In And I You In Time, I Want You More, I Will Stay Fine. My Maker Has Made Me I Am Like My Maker, My Maker Is Creator I Am Like My Creator. Woman Come Let Us Enjoy Milk And Honey With Some Sweetness In The Land, This Place Only You And I Woman Can Understand." Proverbial: "Forget Not Who Woman Is And Whom She Is For."

Tags: Love

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