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32 Interaction
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Interaction, What Did You Expect, I Am A Man, Ahh But You Are A Woman, Beautiful At All Times." "My Nature Leaves Me Loved, Oh How My Nature Leaves Me Loved." "Its Is One Thing To Be Poetic, But Another To Be Poetically Interactive, And All Of This Involving You, Hmm So What Do I Do?" "Not I, But I, Open My Gift And Feel My Way In, Each Part My Kisses I Send." "Like Letters Sealed, With Lips, Wounds The Numb Healed With Tips, The Body Is In Subjection, Inspection, A Election That I Have Won Over To Pleasure, The Word Given That Produced Goodness When I Was Accompanied, Not I, But I." Proverbial: "Embrace A Woman When Your Given The Chance, Admire Her Beauty At Every Glance, But Make Sure With Her Devil You Do Not Dance, In-Less You Have Found Perfect Love My Friend." "There Is A Pure Clean Sexual Love That Comes From God That Is Like No-Other, The Unclean Sinners Become In Gifted With It."

Tags: Mysterious

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