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33 Spell Bound With Witch One
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"You've Gone Koo Koo For Voodoo Sparkly Magic Magician, Wishing And Fishing For What's Missing In The Mind Of Unsettlement's, Elements Like Shiny Crystal Ball's Hearing The Call's From Enchanted Spell's, The Thing's That Sell's The Soul, Un-Control With No Bull On The Altar, No Faultier The World's Spices And A Bit Saltier." "Invents From Incense, Candles And Magic Wand's, Princes From Frog's In Enchanted Foggy Pond's." "I Cast A Spell On You And Your Mine, Mine This Time As Love Potion Prime." "Witches Warlock, His, Her's As The Black Cat Purrs And The Boiling Pot Of The Spell I Got, Like A Twinkle Of The Eye Or The Witches Broom To Fly By I Cannot Deny Thy Lover In Thy Eye, Out To Get Me, Out To Get Me Urrghhll I Cry." "Like A Spelling Be I Just Got Stung From The Woman On The Run After My Heart, But We Caught Up With Each Other As In A Tie, Winning Each Others Hearts And Knowing Why, Its Mystic, You And I, Feeling Sexy Inside. "From A Sensual Ritual Made Non Fictional, Love Is Possessed, Cast Like Lots, Spell Bound You And I Just Got Found And The Other Prince Frog Drowned, Who's That Guy?" Proverbial: "When A Woman Comes Upon You Interested In The One Thing, The Feelings Of Adult Love Some How Present Accomplishments To Each Others Satisfaction." "The Werewolf Has Mastered The Night." "The Mystic Knows Divinity With The Deity, They Are One With Ecstasy Of Euphoria In A Mystical City."

Tags: Mystic

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