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34 Chocolate Lovely
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Chocolate Lovely, Redbone The Tone, Such Dark Skin Shown To The One With Desire To Be Known." "My Beloved You Woman, To Hear You Moan, Groan Yet So Quietly Discreet You And I When Alone, Like Cream To Coffee In Such A Refreshing Morning To Own." "I May Have Out Did Myself This Time Describing You Later To Let You Grow In Mind, Racisms And Prejudice We Won't Find Like The Beloved With Lover Alone In Time." "When I See You Alone, Beauty Is Shown, Even As In Accompany Your Loveliness Comes From A Land I Know Not, But Still Somehow Adventure In, Having Man As Friend While You Leaving Me Excited At End." "I Wonder If You Taste As You Look, Softness And Richness Slowly Took." "I Wonder If Im Cherry Bound Or There's Cream Around, Unwrapping This Dark Lovely Chocolate I Found." "Im Getting Hot But I Won't Move Like Something To Prove, Reprove, So Much I Don't Know, Yet Opportunity I Though." "Cool Me I Plead By Your Touch, The Difference Of Skin Coming Together I Win Screaming In Such, Connective ness I Cannot Seem To Expressiveness, For We Should Already Know And Because Of That Not Let Go, Like Loveliness Eye To Eye Toe To Toe, You Are Not My Woe Taking The Life From Me That Separates Oh No, You And I, In That Perfection The Cry, The Reasons Why, Grow, My Heart Low, To Know, The Reason's Why You Were Chosen To Show, Such A Dark Yet They Say Evil In The Night Loveliness Chocolate Mold Told." "When I Taste You Melt In Mouth, Like A Factory But Not Deep South, Or So, Making Delicacies For Taste Bud's, Its Yummy Though." "You Stole My Eyes In Your Shop, In My Bravery I Would Find, Taken You Home In Time, But I Cannot Be So Out In Mind, In Less, Ha Ha, In Less You Are One And No One Mattered Because You In Them Mattered, That Is When I Would Be Flattered To Find You Molded And Shaped Out Of Chocolate Water Fall's And River's Of Love." "The Sun Beating On Your Skin I'm Sinking In Like Chocolate Dove." "I Know, But I Conquer, Like A Warrior On A Horse, Of Course, You Will Be Worth It In The End, If I Pay I Will Use My Friend, Eternity This Letter I Send, A Soul Mate, Lover, Molded, Created From Within, A Thought, Chocolate Lovely Brought Thinking Of You Again, Certain, Time I Ought Not, Or So, Forever I Would, Bend." Proverbial: "The Beauty Of The Black Woman, Her Skin Like Soft Chocolate. Rejoice With Acquaintance And Love In Choice."

Tags: Lovely

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