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35 Your Lovely Choice
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Alone I Sit Day And Night, Wonder Why I Have To Fight." "Your Spirit Is Here But You Are Not Near, Near I Fear, The True Love That's Is Dear." "I Can Not Ponder The Word's To Out Smart You In Judgment, Only Hear You Here And There So Many But Only One In A Soul To Share." "I Love You, I'm In Despair, Keep Letting Me Know Your There." "Why Did You Give Me All Of These And Who Has Taken Innocence At Ease, I Don't See Your Gift Anymore, Your Displeased, And As Soon As You Rise All Of That Will Freeze." "The Hell Will Be Over And Shame No More, It Was Not Them Who Loved, It Was I You Adored....." Proverbial: "Hell And Heaven Are Both A Gift." "Hell Has A High Archery, But Heaven Is Higher." "When You Fall Into Hell, Heaven Will Take You Back But When You Fall Into Heaven, Will Hell Be There?"

Tags: Heroic

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