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36 My Innocent Exploration
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"I Want You My Beloved, I Cannot Wait No More As I Thrust My Hand At The Lock Of Your Door, Key To Be, Uncontrollably." "Rearrangement For The Restraint Meant Of The Soul, The Desire, Once Again Uncontrolled." "Mmm I Want To Feel Good, There Is No Limitation To That, No Down Trotting Fact, No, No, One Cannot Act." "I Reprove You To Enjoy You, Without Limitation Employ You, Make Me Come And I You To Toy You, But Yet So Seriously When We Choose, Loneliness We Refuse, I Want To Be Used." "When You Cry I Say What Is That, I Want You Relational Responsive In Act Even Right Back, Shamefulness, Lovelessness We Lack, And Always Will, My Ecstasy Pill." "Break My Law And Break My Belt, Confiscate The Places Unfelt, My Innocent Exploration..." Proverbial: "What A Moment To Be Privileged As Lover, Seizing The Gentle Lift Of The Beloved Woman's Chin, As The Quiet Spirit That Is Of Sustaining, Begins To Speak The Thoughts Of Love. She Cries When She Is Chosen, Cries Of A Paradise Belonging To Her And The One Whom Has Chosen. They Are The Beginning Of Words, The Beginning Of Creation."

Tags: Love

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