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39 Silky White Milk
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Come White Sheet's, Soft And Comforting, Cleanly Wrapping Skin Of One, Young, Whom Resembles The Same. Clear The Morning Skies, Blue, Like Her Clear Eyes." "Innocently Laying There, Heaven Don't Dare To Leave Me Just Yet, Ever, For I Am Purely Home." "Blonde Angelic Like As If Were Laying In The Cloud's, Puffy White, Holding Her Softly Not Tight. When I See In, Her Soul, Her Whole Body Is Good, Loving Understood, Together I Knew We Would, Be, Wrapped Up In Eternity, She Is Worth It." "Pale Soft Skin Like Silky White Milk, Comforting With No End, Friend, Beloved, Letter I Send." "Blue Skies, Her Eyes Laying Softly She Sleep's, Kisses Her Body I Breach. Breast So Tiny Like A Wall With Tower's Placed On Two Hill's, A Knight's Thrill's, My Heart Fill's, No Anxious Bill's Only A Tiny Bit Of Wine Spill's And Miss Placed High Heel's Next To A Destination To Lay Forever, Forever In Angelic Beauty As Heaven's Gift."

Tags: Angelic

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