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41 Fields Of Hurt
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Blaming My Dad For The Full Fledge Scare I Had Been Beating Into The Back Of My Head, Dead In My Owns Sin's Spiritually, Head Visions Full So Seriously." "So Broke Like Shatter Bones Falling From A Coat Hanging What's Left Of Me, You Sin You Got The Best Of Me Called Homosexuality." "I'm A Job Fallen Ground Zero, Where Is My Hero?" "Burning Man Flamed Into Fan With Wrong Type Fire, Ask Why, Because Im Getting Burnt." "2 Days Up No Dose, The Only Thing I Took Notice To Was A Cut With Why I Hate This And I'm Hearing All I Have To Do Is Bite It Of And Chew, Just Get Through It When Truly I Don't Want Nothing To Do With It." "My Chain's Enhanced The Gospel While My Misery Made Better Ministry, What Kinda Sick And Twisted Stuff Is That Leaving You Warp And Un Tact." "Its True That I Am Weak And This Strengthens My Peak But I Think Were Having A False View, There Are Many Other Things I Would Rather Feel And Do."

Tags: Confusion

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