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42 Revealing Relevance
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"There's Something About You, I Cannot Put My Finger On It Just Yet, But I Will Figure You Out, What That Feeling Is You Give Me And What It's All About." "In My Sight I Am Available To The One Thing, One One That Has The Same Availability To Stay And Be Right Upon Thee, If Not I Underestimated Your Love, Though That Cannot Be, See, There Is No If Not With You And Me." "I'm So Tired Of Hell, Lets Set Sail Or Bail, Out Of All What's Not, Glory The Utterance For A Price Only Once Bought." "Hey You, You Can, So Fan In The Abilities From The Smiling Sky's, Let Loose Weight's For What Fly's." "Soften Up The Strength With Tense War, Take It Easy Choose And Adore, Nothing Less, Nothing More, Who Stands On The Other Side Of Heavens Door, Not I When Its You I'm Holding Inside Relevance."

Tags: Revealing

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