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43 Starboard Profound (CombineME Architecture) -Building
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Flight Off Stair's, No Cares, Colorful Future Like Vibrant For Stares." "A Minimal Construct No Out Of Luck Just Coolness To Skin Outside Like Ice To A Hockey Puck." "Warm Within Like A Fathers Heart, A Breathe Taking Design Right From The Start." "Room With The Works Of A Electronic Feel, Computer Based, Leather Chair And Sound Set Up For Real, One I Definitely Would Fall For, Be Called For And All Four To Say Thank You." "Cantilever Reliever With A Soft Drink, Savor A Flavor Kitchen Appetite See Yeah Later." "Lighting Oh Soul, Mellow's The Eyes To Create A Feel, Just A Fellow Oh Soul A Mood To Not Steal." "I Am, Not Extravagant Just Different Listed In The Arch Of My Mind, That Race My Whole Heart Won You Would Find." "Poetic Justice, A City Behind Wall's Scaling, Dream, No Obscene, Hope At One Time With Mean." "Its Open But I'm Already In Passing By Smoothly As I Spin, Oh What Gracious Grin." "Board With Each Sheet, Sword To Slice The Dot Of Each Meek, Govern A Gift Like White Snow To Each Peak From A Ancestry Still Living On, Enjoy Your Song." "Flat With Styled Seat, Gaming A System Playing To Avoid Defeat. "Are These The White Sheet's From Distant Heart Beat's, Strength, Faith And Determination Of A Cost From Noble Seat's. A Cozy Place To Spend Eternity, Govern The Star's After Night's Of Wine To Sip In Bar's.

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