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"Struggling With It All, Feeling No Success At All." "Everything I Found At One Time Has Been Tested And Tried In My Own Mind, It Was So Good But It's Not Enough Time, So Tried, Fearful That I Should Find." "What A Chance, Shot To Take Hold Of Reception, Got, Just To Live In A Place, Face And Embrace More A Certain Thought." "So Many Link's, Choices To Bring, My Only Hope They End Up Some What The Same, A Right With No Wrong Side, Rejoice With Not Regret To Find And No Depravity To Call Mine." "Its When It Said This Is It And It Leaves Not Even As Things Change, When War Comes Only To Remind You Its Time To Win, Doors Open Only To Let Your Certain True Heaven In, Find Someone As A Friend Willing To Be More, While Yet Even More." "I Find It Few Times Then Most, Feeling Some Of My Own Choices Are The Reason Its Hard To Host And Serve This I Love Most." "Perhaps It's My Own Appetite I'm Still Just Learning To Eat, Reach Into A Creation That I Can Hardly Utterly Speak, I Feel Cursed And Defeat, Stung By My Own Death On Each Cheek." "I Not Rule Not The Division On Each Side Of The Choice, Love And One I Abide, At Least I Would Call Myself That Man I Would Not Hide, But I Wrote This Because I'm Struggling Inside." "A Moment Of Hope, Grace, Justice Against Justice, Trust This, I Want This, It Has To Be The Thing To Set Me Free, Comforted And Confident Even Before Any Thee, Bird Or Bee, Poison Or Seed, No More Quote You Got The Best Of Me By Any Mean." "What Comes Forth Has Been Attached To Hope Like Dirt To Soap, I Am Not Ashamed Of Who I Am And That Beauty I Find At Hand..."

Tags: Hope

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