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45 Determination
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"I Will Bring You To The End, Until There Is Nothing Left, Strength Fighting For Its Last Breath." "Each Word But One Leaves Us Kinda Dumb For What One Thought One Was, Is, Will Be, Still Thee." "Whatever It Is It Fall's Away Only To Be Chased Another Day." "Do The Lost Return Or Are They Not Yet Use To What They Found?" "Like Babies Bound To Umbilical Cord's, Cut Uncommon Ground Raise The Sword's". "Seed, One, But How Much And Is It Safe To Hide, Powerful Enough To Make The Woman Not Cry, No Lie, Just Ending All My, My, My God, Relational, Heaven Sensational, Love As Traffic Control." "Im On Tight Ground But They Have Love In Them And A Connection That Is Heavenly, There Is Another Point Hidden." "I Sound Like Sugar To Sweet, Determination To Cost Without Defeat."

Tags: war

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