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46 Demonology 1.0.1
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Dark Dust Deep Within Deceived Disgust's, A Must, Sexy Lust, Weighted Support Than Bust, I Have Given In." "Like A Man Of War At The Devil's Heart, Black And Scary But Only Apart." "She Is Keen And Cunning With Fire As Her Head, Fast The Wickedness And Black To Spread, One Glance And She'll Leave You Dead." "Just Like Pappa Never At A Point, Dull Tips Star With No Anoint, Yet Still Slick Un Far Hidden Creeping Under Each Prick, This Is The Evil Pappa, Satan The Jaw Dropper, But This Is A Empty Of A Soul Down To The Pit Of No Control, Screaming, Crashing Down, A Deceived Rise With No Solid Ground." "His Little Princes Of Darkness, And The Princess Of Once Before, But This Isn't A Fairy Tale To Bore In Less You Love Demon's, Evil And What The Underworld Adore." "Lucifer, Deceiving And Angels Of Light, Sin's Of Hell, The Devil And Might." "Don't Dispute With The Power At Stake When One Sudden Rebuke Is All It Will Take, In That Respect You'll Avoid The Snake." "Other Than That Than This Is Where The Creeps Go, The Creeps Show, The Predators Prey And Alive Go To Lay." "A Underground Hidden Empire, Dirty Work For Higher, As A Devil's Advocate." "Demonic Ironic, Satanist Out Doing Their Last Sin, No Laker's And Super Sonic's Just Dirty Money To Creep In, This Is Demonology, A Smirk To Flirt With Disaster, A Anti Pastor, Or Christ, High Archery Cold As Ice, These Dudes Ain't Nothing Nice." "Oh Father Satan In All Your Hat-en, What Evil Plot Next Your Debating, You Children Demonstrating The Same, Insane, High On Cocaine Causing Pain, You Rule Your Underworld The Moment You Were Cast As They Call You Lord, Even Creating Your Own Sword As The God Of Heaven Has The Same Where That God Proclaimed That That God Is The Word Not The Name." "Cast, Fallen, Down, All God Has Said Was Bound, To Be With This Him, Deity, Creation Grim To Grin, Even Woman And Sin....." "Your God To Some While There Is Another But I Wont Dispute With Such A Artistic Wonder As You Play Your Part, Heaven And Hell, The Divide And My Black And Golden Heart Where I Sell." "You Family Below And Your Town Of Act's This Is My Demonology For You At It's Max...." "Stories Priest Don't Dare To Tell, Animal Acting Humans, Debauchery And Sex To Sell, All This As You Wave Your Little Pointed Demon Tail." "The Tip Of The Tongue, Blackest Eyes, Pointed Nail's And Demonic Cries." "Its Where The Head Spin's As It Burn's In Foolishness, Puke Begin's Possession In All Its School Less Ness, Only To Run Into Wrong, Demonology One Oh One, The Devil's Godless Song." "A Silver Tone, Vampire Teeth To Sink To The Bone, It's Scary What Is Shown, Known, By Such A Dark Lovely Town To Own." "Constantine Know's Of The Place And Learning How To Face, The Black Flying Demon's And Tainted Women On The Chase." "It's Diablo And The Tarry, Dead Tree And To Bury, Where Compulsion Splits Creating The Black Church And Own With The Crow Perch As Your Picked Apart By The Vultures, Laying Next To Gargoyle Sculptures.." "Here I Would Have A Good Redemption Plan And A Touch From A Finger At Hand, That Way It Becomes Purity Not Puncture In Such A Demonology Juncture." "So When You Have A Wit's End They'll Be A New Begin And At Your Last Sin, Your Fresh Wife, Pal And Or Friend, Just So You Can Go And Drink Your Poison Again, Sinner." "This Is Demonology One oh One Creating A Fearless One Before The Depth's Of Hell." "Pull Up Your Chair And Have Time To Spare, Crucifixes, Holy Water And Open Eyes To Stare As These Demon's In Legion Will You Leave You Heavy Breathing, But Also A Tight Held Loving Hand And Voice, To Leave You Relieving." "So When Your Bed Starts Shaking And You Start Levitating, Know That Everything Will Be Okay, One Day....." Proverbial: "Satan Is Set Up For The Fall While God Is Proclaiming That God Is The Fall." "God Has Established A Church While Satan The Same." "There Is No Shear Terror Than The Terror Of Possession."

Tags: Demonic

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