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by miss mystique
MystiQue S'ade
death.. sounds so extream huh? and ppl think im talking about it jus cause im a writer.. no im being a realist.. how would it be if i was wristless im lifeless as is im sorry for all i did for for being here im bascilly dead why dose that seam unclear? why nonlogical im a feamle maybe to hormonal possibly..maybe true all i know is im sorry for meeting you sorry for bringing you to this fucked up place.. sorry for breathing in your space i apologize for being a live for caring for trying to be understanding .. maybe i could if i was good like you or someone else but i doubt that would help id still think the same life would be the same wothless game no mercy no remorse so just let fait run its course say goodbye to me by miss mystique

Tags: death

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