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A Great Fall
Nate Reynolds
as i think back to when i had you/ i'd do anything to keep you near/ all i wanna do is get drunk and tell the truth/ but i don't think you'll like what you hear/ and now my own veins are a prison of pain/ the punishment does not fit the crime/ you're the only one i love and it's death from above if you soil me in your own mind/ how much will it cost to retrieve what i've lost?/ i'm broke and i don't own a cent/ i've stalled because i fell and i might go to hell/ because i've broken something so beautiful/ well i've never won and i think that i'm done/ my heart cannot beat if you have it/ that's what you will do if we are ever through/ some call it sad, some call it tragic/ call it either or til there's blood on the floor and you bury me six feet under/ then you'll look aroud the empty funeral grounds/ and you'll suddenly begin to wonder/ wonder about my our old times, my reasons, my rhyme/ how i said no one will love you like me/ the time, the place, the smile on your face/ now there's tears falling down your cheek/ i built up a wall and had a great fall/ i'm broken now, guess there's no one to blame but me

Tags: love

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